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If you are recently separated, or you are thinking about separating, we know this is likely to be an enormously difficult time for you.

You are probably feeling anxious about your spouse’s reaction, conflict, cost, and how a separation will affect your children, for example. You may be overwhelmed by questions and doubts, overloaded with information, and perhaps confused by well-meaning advice from other people? If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place. 

We are here to help you create a path to the
other side of this life stage.

Your first move

You may be wondering what to do first or next, and you may be unsure who to consult and trust for advice. That’s where our specialised 60-minute consultation comes in, because we know how hard it is to be in your place, and we can help answer the questions that are keeping you awake at night.

By the end of your consultation with Smart Separation, your worries will be less, and you will walk away with greater clarity. You will be given a personalised step by step Action Plan, based on your particular needs and anxieties, whether they are about the practical things, and/or the many difficult emotions that are part of separation.

Most of all, you will leave with greater confidence that you too will get through this.

Avoid the WRONG move

If you are thinking about separating, have recently broken the news to your partner, or just heard the news, we know this is a hard time. We also know it is very human to react in ways that we would not do if we were not scared, angry, jealous or grieving. We hope the following advice will give you something to soothe you in those harder and crazier moments.

Our experience says this list of ‘Wrong Moves’ are moves to avoid, for your own best outcomes and the best outcome for your immediate family and extended family relationships. Separation is hard, but it does not need to be an earthquake. By avoiding the wrong moves, making the right moves and getting the right advice and support, you can take charge of the outcomes you seek.

Click below to view all the wrong moves you could make.

Because I am a consultant, my advice is objective (and legal).

Benefits Of Choosing This Service

The greatest benefit of Smart Separation is that our sole purpose is to help you avoid making the wrong moves and to guide you skilfully down the path of making the right moves throughout your separation and divorce. We will set you up to succeed, providing expert and objective legal advice, answering any questions you may have, helping you to understand what you need to know, what you need to do, and what you need to avoid doing to reduce the chances of making costly mistakes, making emotional whoppers and negatively affecting the well-being of your family.

We will help you plan your way through, saving money, time and emotional cost for you and your family. We know that when dealing with legal professionals and specialists that people fear getting locked into costly ongoing legal work, so please rest assured that your consultation with us is a once-only event, followed up with your bespoke Action Plan. We will make excellent referrals for the services you need, but the decision to act on any referral is yours alone. Our ultimate goal is to give you knowledge and a plan at the start of your separation transition, that will bring hindsight forward, help you to avoid regrets and get to the other side of your separation feeling like you did it all as well as was possible.

The best advice the
first-time round 

Your action plan

Your plan is the written outcome of your consultation, and it will be emailed to you as a clear written document, and will include the agreed introductions to any other advisors.

See an example of your meeting summary and action plan

Our Promise To You

In one session, we will help you know the best place to start for your individual situation, who to see and in which order, give you guidance on potential pitfalls so that you can avoid them, and how and when to engage a lawyer. Your takeaway will be a personalised Action Plan with everything we discussed in the session, along with a step by step plan to guide you over the coming months with time-lines of what you need to do and who you need to see at specific times. You will walk away feeling relief, clear-minded and confident in your path forward.

“Having my personalised action plan gave me
clarity and confidence to get through every
step of my separation. Everybody should have this!”

Why I started Smart Separation

I have always found it sad and frustrating to see people in legal hot water, especially couples who have shared a positive relationship and maybe raised a family together. I knew that providing early strategic advice would have changed the course of those people’s lives and how they would move forward together as individuals. Separation doesn’t need to be a war, filled with legal letters, animosity and anger. I wanted to provide a more conscious path.

Some of what I have learnt during the last decades, while working and having a family, is that it’s just fine for lawyers to stop pretending we have all the answers. Surrounding myself with practitioners from the many professions who add value to resolving people’s ‘legal problems’ is a powerful way to add depth, and the right expertise at the right time for people going through a tough life transition like separation.