About Your Consultation

We have created a very simple, step by step process that your advisor will gently guide you through.

About Your Consultation

Your 60-minute consultation meeting is a planning and advice session. You will be in the hands of a deeply experienced Accredited Specialist Family Lawyer who has been working with separating couples and their children for 30+ years. You will be met with compassion, kindness and without judgement. Your situation is unique, and whether or not you have ever experienced this before, know that we do this every day. Our experience will bring you clarity. The outcome of your consultation is to help you shake off your confusion and fears. It is your opportunity to talk confidentially about what you are going through. You can ask all and any questions you have about separation, divorce, child support, parenting, spousal maintenance, property settlements, superannuation splitting, going to court, staying out of court, having an amicable divorce, mediation. We are happy to answer all of your questions. Throughout the process, your advisor will be documenting and making appropriate notes on what legal advice you require, what referral partners you need to connect with as well as time-lines for each action which will form your Step-by-Step action plan that you will be emailed after the session has concluded.

Our Process

We have created a very simple, step by step process that your advisor will gently guide you through. The following are the steps that you will take during your consultation.

After Your Consultation

The next step in our simple process is for us, your advisor to collate all of the information gathered during the session. This will be compiled in a simple and easy-to-understand Action Plan along with agreed introductions to any advisors we recommend that will assist and support you on your separation journey. You will leave Smart Separation with a roadmap about the smartest and kindest ways to go about your separation, knowing that in almost every case people can stay out of court and away from heated negotiations. Every three months after our meeting, or as frequently as needed, you will be booked in for a check-up for ongoing support and advice.