Your Consultation

We have created a very simple, step by step process that your advisor will gently guide you through.

Your Consultation

Your Consultant will give you advice and referrals. We will design your pathway through the legal, emotional and financial maze of separation and divorce. You will leave us with a roadmap about the smartest and kindest ways to go about your separation.

We know this is probably the first and only time you will go through this, but remember, we do it every day.

Step 1 - Consultation.

We will start to make order out of the chaos by:

  • You telling us your story
  • Thinking about your ‘divorce readiness’
  • Calming your anxieties, so you can start to plan
  • Looking at what is really important (now and in the future)
  • Looking at what you’re struggling to let go, that might hold you back
  • Identifying the issues you have to deal with
  • Assessing the impact on your business and cash flow
  • Setting out the relevant legal information and advice
  • Reviewing the options for reaching your settlement
  • Deciding on the steps of your Action Plan

Step 2 - Action Plan.

After your meeting, we will email your action plan to you.

You may decide later on to return for a review of your plan, because sometimes plans do need to change, and you’ll know if that’s the case for you.

We will offer you compassion and experience, insights, and practical wisdom from the decades we have been working in this field, as well as hard-headed legal advice when it’s needed. Because we are consultants, our advice is objective; we have no vested interest in the choices you make or the recommendations we make.

You can expect that we will really listen to you, speak and give advice in plain English, quickly develop an overview, and start to build your confidence that you can actually do this, whether you chose it or not.

Start Your Journey.

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