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We challenge traditional thinking about divorce.
About Smart Separation

If you have recently separated, or you’re thinking about separation, we welcome you. If you are feeling distressed and confused, we do understand that. What you are going through is one of life’s greatest challenges.

You are probably worried about many things at this stage; yourself, your children, money, how your spouse is going to act during this time, your business, your job, other people, in fact much of your future?

You may be wondering what to do first or next, and you may be unsure who to consult and trust for advice. That’s where our specialised 60-minute consultations come in because we know how hard it is to be in your place, and we can help answer the questions that are keeping you awake at night.

During your 60-minute consultation we let you know what the law says about your situation and your goals, and design the best way to get you there. We will connect you with counsellors, financial advisors, child psychologists, accountants or any of the different professionals you may need in your corner. We will guide you onto a pathway that leads to your best legal, financial and emotional future.
About Smart Separation

Smart Separation was built to give separating people legal and practical information, a first look at their potential outcomes, the benefit of our decades of experience and most importantly a take home step-by-step guide that paves their separation journey.

Your consultant will be clear, calm, deeply experienced, savvy and compassionate, with a legal, financial and social science lens.

By the end of your consultation with Smart Separation, your worries will be less, and you will walk away with greater clarity. You will be given a personalised step by step Action Plan, based on your particular needs and anxieties, whether they are about the practical things, and/or the many difficult emotions that are part of separation.

Most of all, you will leave with greater confidence that you too will get through this.

If this sounds like the service you need, please call us on 1800 960 064, email us