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If you are recently separated, or you are thinking about separating, we know this is likely to be an enormously difficult time for you. You are probably feeling anxious about your spouse’s reaction, conflict, cost, and how a separation will affect your children, for example. You may be overwhelmed by questions and doubts, overloaded with information, and perhaps confused by well-meaning advice from other people?

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place. You are the reason we established Smart Separation and we are here to help you create a path to the other side of this life stage.

We have created a very simple process that you will be gently guided through by Marguerite Picard (Me) or one of our specialist consultants. We are Accredited Family Law Specialists who look at separation and divorce with the idea that yes, there is legal Information required, but often counselling, and practical services like financial planning, are just as important.


Our process begins by meeting with you either in person or digitally, on Zoom. We will take you through the following steps:

  1. Listen to your story and find out what has led you to this point
  2. Look at what is really important to you and what are your ideal outcomes for life during and after separation
  3. Identify the particular issues you have to deal with, which might be about your children, your emotional support, money or business, for example
  4. Set out the legal information and advice you need
  5. Consider what non-legal advice or support is required, with the appropriate referrals
  6. List your actions in order of priority and identify the appropriate timelines

By the end of the consultation, you will have greater clarity, a step by step guide, confidence about exactly what to do, who to see, and in what order.

Let us help lighten the load you are carrying. You don’t need to feel overwhelmed and alone any longer. Contact us today by clicking the link below, or by calling us on 1800 960 064 to arrange a consultation.


About Us

Smart Separation was built to give separating people legal and practical information, a first look at their potential outcomes, the benefit of our decades of experience and most importantly a take home step-by-step guide that paves their separation journey.

If you have recently separated, or you’re thinking about separation, we welcome you. If you are feeling distressed and confused, we do understand that. What you are going through is one of life’s greatest challenges.

Please call 1800 960 064 for more information or an appointment.

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Your Consultation

During your 60-minute consultation we let you know what the law says about your situation and your goals, and design the best way to get you there.

By the end of your consultation with Smart Separation, your worries will be less, and you will walk away with greater clarity. You will be given a personalised step by step Action Plan, based on your particular needs and anxieties, whether they are about the practical things, and/or the many difficult emotions that are part of separation.

Most of all, you will leave with greater confidence that you too will get through this.

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Breaking Up Without The Earthquake.

Avoid the pitfalls that many people who have gone before you have experienced.

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