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The Smart Separation consulting service is designed for individuals or couples who need guidance about managing their separation, including those who have not made a clear decision to separate. Whether you are thinking about separating, have started down a path that doesn’t look right for you, want an amicable divorce, or you are looking for ways to end your court battle, Smart Separation will give you:


• legal advice from an Accredited Family Law Specialist

• an Action Plan to simplify your best steps and minimise cost and conflict

• the referrals you need to get your family and your business through this phase of your life as well as possible.


We know that separation comes with real worry and many questions. It can feel chaotic, and can be difficult to know who to listen to, and what steps to take first. We will take care of that for you by using our wisdom and experience to create an individualised Action Plan to get you through or around the legal system.


We are here to walk you through the legal and emotional maze with help that is clear, calm, confident and compassionate. If you don’t know where to start, look no further, and call us on 1800 960 064 or email us at info@smartseparation.com.au to arrange a consultation. To learn more about your consultation meeting you will find all the information you need here

About Us

As the founder of Smart Separation, it is my passion to challenge traditional thinking about divorce, to see common sense prevail, so that divorce is separated from ‘the law’ and outside of courts. Apart from mediation and collaboration being my daily bread, as a practitioner and a trainer, I aim to change the world. A little. For information and clear, expert advice about your divorce and separation options, please call 1800 960 064 for more information or an appointment.

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Your Consultation

Your Consultation will provide you with clear, objective advice, plus any referrals appropriate for your particular needs and dilemmas. We will design your pathway through the legal, emotional and financial maze of separation and divorce. You will leave us with a roadmap about the smartest and kindest ways to go about your separation, knowing that in almost every case people can stay out of court and away from conflict-based negotiations.

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Breaking Up Without The Earthquake.

Avoid the pitfalls that many people who have gone before you have experienced.

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Honesty & Integrity

Because I am a consultant, my advice is objective.

Experienced Advice

Compassion and experience, insights, and practical wisdom.

Legal Knowledge

Honest, hard-headed legal advice when it’s needed.