Smart Separation

Why Smart Separation Exists

What inspired me to start Smart Separation and who did I want to help by bringing this business idea to life?

Why does Smart Separation exist? What inspired me to start Smart Separation and who did I want to help by bringing this business idea to life? 

Back in 1982 I started practising law. Looking after clients was our job in those days, then somehow the legal profession got more obsessed with billable hours than with people. This practice never felt congruent with my values and my joy and inspiration came from looking after clients above all else and still does today.  

Some of what I have learnt during the last decades, while working and having a family, is that it’s just fine for lawyers to stop pretending we have all the answers. Surrounding myself with practitioners from the many professions who add value to resolving people’s ‘legal problems’ is a powerful way to add depth, and the right expertise at the right time for people going through a tough life transition like separation.

I have always found it sad and frustrating to see people in legal hot water, especially couples who have shared a positive relationship and maybe raised a family together. I knew that providing early strategic advice would have changed the course of those people’s lives and how they would move forward together as individuals. Separation doesn’t need to be a war, filled with legal letters, animosity and anger. I wanted to provide a more conscious path. 

I started Smart Separation as a vehicle for giving that early advice, or depth sound, which has special value since we have no vested interest in the outcome or process that people choose. Finding the right help early on is actually very difficult, can cause a lot of pain and be very costly. My aim was to condense the search for services and advice into the Smart Separation consultation and Action Plan package. I’m now delighted to be able to offer these consultations with my goal of helping thousands of couples across Australia to separate in a more peaceful, kind and conscious way, as well as saving them many thousands of dollars in legal fees.

You might be looking for a DIY solution, you may want to use an online service or an app, mediation, collaboration, ping-pong negotiations between lawyers, or you may want to go to Court. Or you may have no idea what to do. Whatever the case, we are here to save you stepping into the void, to give you legal information, advice on your approach, potential outcomes, and how you can shape those outcomes to get the best possible results for all involved. 

If our Vision, Mission and Values resonate with you, then it’s possible that we are a good fit to move forward and I urge you to make contact and book in a consultation.


Our vision is to change the family law system by showing that a constructive, whole of person approach to separation best serves families and society. 


Our mission is to help separating people see their options, to understand that from the start they can influence their outcomes, manage conflict, have a civilised separation, and face the future with optimism with the support of the right advisors .

Our Promise to you

In one session, we will help you know the best place to start for your individual situation, who to see and in which order, give you guidance on potential pitfalls so that you can avoid them, and how and when to engage a lawyer. Your takeaway will be a personalised Action Plan with everything we discussed in the session, along with a step by step plan to guide you over the coming months with time-lines of what you need to do and who you need to see at specific times. You will walk away feeling relief, clear-minded and confident in your path forward. Book your consultation today