Money & Divorce

Financial planning for separation.

Money & Divorce

We’ve never met anyone who wasn’t interested in, or worried about, the impact of separation on their personal finances.

We know those worries range from losing the dream, to not knowing as much as you need to about the family finances, business or investments.

For some people, the focus is on the house, for others the school fees, or it might be about income and lifestyle, often with questions about the lifestyle of the children. Money comes with baggage. Regrets, vengeance, fear, a sense of scarcity or abundance. They all need to be unpacked. We’re here to help with the right advice and referrals to help you do that.

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Can you stay out of court?

Absolutely. Definitely. We never go to Court, and we do divorce and separation work every day. Court is now an old fashioned idea, to be honest. The past hurts, but focusing on the future is the path to recovery from separation. Recovery includes reaching settlement and parenting agreements in a supportive place, not in a theatre of war. We have all the clues on how to do this.


I offer clear thinking, wisdom and pragmatism. My 30+ years’ experience as a lawyer means I’ve seen the good and the bad of the family law system, so can help you avoid the traps and in almost every case show you how to stay out of Court. I’m an accredited specialist in family law, with extensive experience as a collaborative practitioner and mediator. If you need it, I have a trusted network of psychologists, child psychologists, financial planners, accountants, collaborative lawyers, litigation lawyers (sometimes people really need one), mediators, property and business valuers, property advocates for buying or selling, mortgage brokers, estate agents, business advisors and superannuation experts.


Everyone’s needs are different, but they’re sorted with the same things – the right information from the right people at the right time.

Honesty & Integrity

Because I am a consultant, my advice is objective.

Experienced Advice

Compassion and experience, insights, and practical wisdom.

Legal Knowledge

Honest, hard-headed legal advice when it’s needed.