Health & Wellbeing

Looking out for your personal wellbeing.

Health & Wellbeing Referral Services

Smart Separation is ultimately a two-part event. Firstly, you will receive the right advice to get through your separation and secondly, you will gain access to our vast network of supporting services. All of the professionals working in these areas, and to whom you might be referred by Smart Separation, are known personally to us, and are respected for their skills, integrity and understanding about separation and divorce.

  • Counsellors/Psychologists

    Separation creates grief, loss, and fear, whether that’s when making a decision to separate, or living with the reality. There are no gold medals for going through it alone, and in my experience, counselling support makes the journey much less painful, and empowers you in sensible, time and cost effective negotiation.

  • Wellbeing Practitioners

    There is a long list of tips for wellbeing during and after separation and  divorce that are generally accepted as being valuable for everyone, regardless of how well or badly you are coping. In fact, the same tips for self-care apply to all people, but it often takes a crisis like separation for us to focus on looking after ourselves. Having someone to plan and guide you through simple or deeper, long-term steps to recovery and optimal wellbeing is as important as all the other advice you and your family need.

  • Art Therapy

    Art therapy has been influenced by the disciplines of art and psychology, and primarily aims to help individuals experiencing emotional challenges improve their sense of well-being. At times of crisis such as separation, which affects both your physical and emotional health, there is rarely one single thing that helps adults or children through. Art therapy is one other practice that can be worth learning more about for both adults and children.  No artistic experience (or talent!) is needed for this to be helpful as a wellbeing approach or strategy.

  • Dietician/Healthy Eating Advisors

    Most of us think this kind of advice is about weigh loss or how we look. Sound advice about nutrition for wellbeing has a focus on energy and health, and changing habits for long term wellbeing. There’s a lot to cope with as you transition through divorce and separation, and thoughtful, healthy shopping and meal planning often give way to quick and convenient meal choices. Nobody needs a perfect score in this area, but supportive advice and information about eating for health and wellbeing strategies is a positive in the recovery stakes.

  • Physical exercise/Personal training

    The thought can make you groan or feel tired, or the idea of the cost, routine and discipline of keeping fit just might not seem achievable. The research says it’s good to have a go, and that depression and mood can be lifted to some extent by exercise. You don’t need to run marathons or compete in anything to get the benefits of individual or group exercise. Maybe this is for tomorrow, not for today, and remember you can opt for gentle not gruelling.