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Home & Property Referral Services

Smart Separation is ultimately a two-part event. Firstly, you will receive the right advice to get through your separation and secondly, you will gain access to our vast network of supporting services. All of the professionals working in these areas, and to whom you might be referred by Smart Separation, are known personally to us, and are respected for their skills, integrity and understanding about separation and divorce.

  • Real Estate Agents

    Most people use the services of a real estate agent when they are selling their property. The internet has changed real estate marketing forever, and the difference between agents is now more than ever about their people skills, their connections within the profession and the market place, and their willingness to make sure they are positive but realistic, and work very hard for you in your sale, and ensure that it’s not “just another” job, but maybe a major life event for you.

  • Property Vendor’s Advocates:

    Shopping around for an estate agent, deciding the best time to sell, and negotiating the fees you pay your agent can be significant hurdles in the decision to sell your home. That is where a vendor’s advocate come in. Their costs are usually offset by fee arrangements negotiated with the selling agent, and their job is to take care of negotiation and advice, with independence. Partnering with a Vendors Advocate can be a relief, and save you both time and money. 

  • Buyer’s Advocates

    For some people, separation means they are faced with purchasing a home for the first time. Most people have to think about the location of their new property, how it fits with the life of their children, their community, their new partner, work and budget and much more. At a time when many decisions have to be made, this can be overwhelming. The role of a Buyer’s Advocate is to shoulder the research into a suitable property for you, so that you have a ”limited menu” instead of a great big smorgasbord of confusion. 

  • Renter’s Advocate

    Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to immediately buy a property after settlement.  If you’ve been a home owner with no recent experience of the rental market, and no rental history, starting the search for a rental can be daunting. Not only will you have your own criteria for location and price, you will want the best choice available, and may need someone to assist with the application of that property. This is a bespoke service, and you will want someone to really listen to your story and help you to identify your needs, rather than a rental agent with a long list of applicants and a short list of properties.

  • Mortgage Brokers

    Gone are the days when banks are the only lenders, and equally gone are the days when anyone who is not a bank is a “loan shark”.  Separation often creates a need for finance for home purchases, payments to a spouse or business funding. A quality mortgage broker will listen to your needs, and tailor applications and access to finance for you, saving you the “running around” to banks, and advising you what is going to be needed to make your application successful, and seeking out optimal security and rates.

  • Interior Design

    You’re probably either a convert or not. As for many professional services, this is one that comes with preconceived ideas. Where does interior design fit in the context of separation?

  • Home Styling (for sale)

    Your real estate agent may have suggested a home stylist to you if you are selling your home. If you haven’t had that kind of referral or would like a second option for this service, there are independent stylists who can offer fixed costs or ranges of costs to suit you, and they can show you examples of their work.

  • Real Estate Valuations

    For most people, it is important to understand the value of their property when negotiating their family law settlement. It is an option for couples to agree to use informal valuations, but for the many occasions when neither person has a real sense of an asset’s value, or during disagreement, a sworn valuation or a sale become the only options. Sworn valuations can be used as evidence in court proceedings, or as the basis for co-operative settlements. It is therefore crucial that the value has experience, expertise and a good track record of “getting it right” to avoid agreements being called into doubt down the track.