Home & Children

Helping you and your children through separation.

Home & Children Referral Services

Smart Separation is ultimately a two-part event. Firstly, you will receive the right advice to get through your separation and secondly, you will gain access to our vast network of supporting services. All of the professionals working in these areas, and to whom you might be referred by Smart Separation, are known personally to us, and are respected for their skills, integrity and understanding about separation and divorce.

  • Child and Adolescent psychologists

    There are many ways child and adolescent psychologists can help parents and children during separation. From one-off parenting advice, to meeting the children and helping to create parenting plans, all the way to counselling between parents and writing reports for the Family Court. Most Australian children are doing well 12 months on from their parents’ separation, and fears for your children’s wellbeing can be calmed with the right advice.

  • Communication coaching

    If you have a collaborative lawyer involved in your settlement, or if you and your spouse work with a counsellor or collaborative family consultant, you will have the benefit of communication coaching. In most other situations, it isn’t a natural part of the world of separation and family law. Its benefits are in helping you in any negotiations, whether that is directly with your spouse or via a lawyer, and it’s a great benefit for co-parenting.