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Career & Work Referral Services

Smart Separation is ultimately a two-part event. Firstly, you will receive the right advice to get through your separation and secondly, you will gain access to our vast network of supporting services. All of the professionals working in these areas, and to whom you might be referred by Smart Separation, are known personally to us, and are respected for their skills, integrity and understanding about separation and divorce.

  • Careers Advice

    A very smart and wise lawyer, her name is Kay Feeney from Brisbane, has a question she asks of parents who are spending time apart from their children, and so have some flexible hours at their disposal. For those who need to secure their career and financial future, Kay’s question is “So what are you going to study?”

  • Personal Styling (Career & Personal)

    This is a service that many people think is reserved for “A Listers”, and that it is only for women. Re-entering the workforce, changing roles or careers, or re-entering the world of dating are all times when both men and women want to be on their A game, and personal styling advice can be a boost to self-confidence.  It is about rebuilding confidence that is often needed after separation, and maximising the image you want to project.

  • IT and Telco expertise

    New home? New office? New decisions about the myriad of internet and service offerings out there?  Connections and advice needed? It is reassuring to be referred to a trustworthy, smart and reliable provided of these services, and Smart Separation can do that for you.

  • Website Design

    The end of a relationship can mean the start of a new business, the reinvigoration of an existing business, or new partnerships. Integral to those things is website creation or design, and it can be helpful to have a referral to one or several experts in the area whose work is known, at least as a starting point.

  • Copywriters

    A common misconception when purchasing a new website for your business is the notion that the website developer can do it all. ‘Yes, I can design, develop, write fantastic copy and even market your business for a small fee’. This is not such the case and you will certainly require a professional copywriter to ensure your messaging hits the mark.

  • Virtual Admin Support

    Separation can create the need for extra support in your business, a need to work from home, or otherwise to reshape the way your professional admin and telephone answering support operates. Or it can mean that your domestic admin can get on top of you, for a short period or for longer.  Virtual admin assistance is an option to consider, provided it gives you the pricing and flexibility to relieve your burden and not add another one.