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How we can help.

We know that some of the biggest challenges in separation are wondering where to start, getting the right help, talking about your fears, worries about your children, predicting how your ex is going to behave, money, housing, property division, and of course, legal costs.

Smart Separation is here to give you advice and to ensure you are referred to the best professionals, from counsellors to divorce financial planners, to those you need to talk about housing, wellbeing, career, money, legal services, mediation, collaborative practice and any of the other services you need to get through to the other side.

  • Divorce Without Court

    There are many ways to Divorce without Court. The key to all the various options is you. It is vital that you take the right steps at the start. These include making sure your lawyer is on the same page as you, understanding what Court...

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  • Settlement: Keeping it civilised

    Our ebook has lots of information about the ways you can reach your necessary legal agreements. We encourage you to read that before we meet, but know that this is such an important discussion it is one of our high priorities. We want to be...

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  • Money & Divorce

    We’ve never met anyone who wasn’t interested in, or worried about, the impact of separation on their personal finances. We know those worries range from losing the dream, to not knowing as much as you need to about the family finances, business or investments. For...

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  • Children & Divorce

    We know it’s smart to look out for every member of your family, and that includes adult children; your separation affects them too. For younger children, where they are are going to live, how much time they spend with each of you, what sort of...

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