Its always nice to read good news stories about divorce, especially about parents collaborating with each other as parents. Call it conscious un-coupling, co-operation or whatever name you like, but parents who can put aside their own conflict, and their sadness and grief about the end of their marriage, do well by their children.

These words might be easy to say, but it is a huge challenge for parents to live. Collaborative divorce gives all members of the family a greater chance of being okay once they settle into two homes. Most often in my work, a psychologist will be on the team to educate parents about how they can do the best for their children. All parents sincerely want that, but most parents only divorce once, and value the help that is available in collaborative teams.

Not sure about the choice of names, Apple and Moses, but these kids chose their parents well.


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It is my passion to challenge traditional thinking about divorce, to see common sense prevail so that divorce is separated from ‘the law’ and outside of courts. Apart from mediation and collaboration being my daily bread, as a practitioner and a trainer, I aim to change the world. A little. If you are keen to learn more about reaching an amicable settlement, please call 1800 960 064 for more information or an appointment.