About Us

We challenge traditional thinking about divorce.

About Us

Smart Separation was founded by Marguerite Picard, an Accredited Family Law Specialist, Collaborative Lawyer and Mediator.

After decades in the business, Marguerite has seen the good and the bad of the Family Law system. She has concluded that the missing ingredient for people who are separating is early strategic advice, given by someone who has no vested interest in the pathway to resolution and healing that people may choose. The Smart Separation advice and consultancy service does just that.


Our vision is to change the family law system by demonstrating that a constructive, whole of person  approach to separation best serves families and society


My mission is to help separating people see their options, to understand that from the start they can influence their outcomes, manage conflict, have a civilised separation, and face the future with optimism

Our Promise

In one session, we will help you know where to start, who to see, how to “decode the system” and give you guidance on how and when to engage a lawyer. Your takeaway will be a personalised plan of action.

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